Motor Vehicle Crashes

The aftermath of a car crash can be extremely difficult to deal with, including dealing with insurance adjusters and getting money for your claim. You deserve to have someone experienced on your side who will fight for you and help make sure you get the financial compensation and benefits you deserve.

At Walker Wallace PLC, you will see a difference in working with our firm. We are an established Louisville personal injury law firm that offers highly personalized legal representation. We are local, experienced auto accident lawyers.

Experience Handling Motor Vehicle Crashes In Kentucky Courtrooms

It’s true that experience matters, especially if you have a complicated legal case. If your injuries or the details surrounding the crash are complicated, you need someone who understands what it takes to win at trial and has a reputation for being effective in the courtroom. We are highly experienced trial lawyers with a proven track record.

Remember that before you choose a lawyer from a TV ad or from the side of a bus, find out whether that person is a respected litigator, whether they have actually tried a case before a Kentucky Jury, and whether they have actually won a case in a Kentucky Courtroom. You might be surprised what you find out!

Injured In A Motor Vehicle Crash? We Are Here For You.

We sit down and talk to each and every one of our clients. Our attorneys will explain how the law applies to your case and what options you can pursue. The car accident cases we routinely handle include:

Our attorneys also advocate for individuals who have tragically lost loved ones in fatal crashes.

Insurance Issues Are Complicated: Beware Of Making Statements To Adjusters

We help explain how insurance issues such as no-fault insurance and comparative negligence affect a case. Remember, the lawyers at Walker Wallace PLC are on your side — not the insurance company’s.

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