Cellphone/Texting Accidents

Within the past five years, the use of cellphones while driving has become an increasing problem in the Louisville area. Likewise, the number of car accidents caused by distracted driving has gone up significantly since smartphones have been introduced. Even so-called handsfree devices have proven no safer. It only takes a few seconds for a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle and cause catastrophic injuries to others.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a distracted driving accident, the next step to take is to contact a lawyer. The lawyers at Walker Wallace PLC will make sure that your best interests are protected and that you get the compensation and benefits you deserve for your car accident injuries.

Without an attorney, you put a lot at risk. The insurance company could try to get you to settle your claim for less than its value, which could affect your ability to get the necessary medical treatment for your injuries. Let our attorneys be your advocates.

It Just Takes A Few Seconds To Cause A Distraction

While Kentucky is not a handsfree state, texting and driving is not allowed. Even reading a text while driving is prohibited. It only takes a few seconds for a driver’s reaction time to be delayed enough for a serious accident to happen. This includes accidents on Dixie Highway, Crums Lane, Preston Highway, Outer Loop, and the Greenbelt involving distracted drivers, drunk drivers and reckless drivers.

Punitive Damages For Cellphone And Texting Accidents In Kentucky

In Kentucky, accidents involving cellphone use could allow the injured victim to get punitive damages in his or her claim. This makes it possible for an individual to recover additional compensation because of the nature of the injuries.

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