Comparative Negligence

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Do you have a right to recover damages, even if your injuries are partly your own fault?

Kentucky is what is called a “pure comparative negligence state,” which essentially means that a defendant’s liability is reduced by the plaintiff’s share of fault. You can still recover compensation for damages, even if the other party was one percent at fault, and you were 99 percent at fault for causing the incident that led to your injuries. It may not be financially justifiable to sue if you were 99 percent at fault, but you have the legal right to do so nonetheless.

What kinds of cases usually include negligence claims?

Kentucky’s comparative negligence method of calculating damages based on fault applies to any claim in which negligence is the underlying basis, such as:

  • Car wrecks – Multiple vehicle pileups, 18-wheeler collisions and other types of motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers
  • Slip and fall accidents – Injuries caused at least in part by the negligent upkeep of a business, home or public space
  • Dog bites – Injuries and property damage caused by another person’s animal
  • Elder abuse – Negligent caregivers responsible for serious medication errors or cause a patient’s dehydration and malnutrition, bedsores and other complications
  • Workplace injuries – Unreasonably unsafe working conditions leading to injuries and liability claims against negligent employers

Negligence is simply the legal term for the failure to exercise due care that leads to an injury.

How does Kentucky’s comparative negligence law affect my potential injury settlement after a car accident in Louisville?

It goes without saying that you have the best chance of getting monetary compensation after a mishap when an experienced personal injury attorney represents you. In Kentucky, skilled lawyers know that one tactic in the insurance company’s bag of tricks is to skew the facts of a case to try and show that the injured party was responsible for the accident. Unlike modified comparative negligence states, however; Kentucky law recognizes your right to recover damages even if the other party was only one percent at fault.

We use advanced technology and reconstruction experts to prepare cases for trial, which gives us an advantage at the negotiating table. We use this evidence to refute insurance companies’ claims and push for the greatest amount of monetary compensation possible, given the facts of your case.

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