DUI and Reckless Driving Accidents

There is never an excuse for drunk driving, reckless driving or any type of careless behavior on the road. It’s people who speed, drink excessively and get behind the wheel, and those who text while driving who cause serious or fatal accidents. Victims of serious accidents caused by careless drivers in the Louisville area deserve to be represented by attorneys who care about the outcome of their case.

At Walker Wallace PLC, we will fight for you. When you are represented by our firm, you have a team of experienced advocates that is ready to stand up for you. We are with you throughout all steps of the process, regardless of how complex your car accident case may seem.

Steer Clear Of Insurance Adjusters: Talk To A Lawyer First

Insurance adjusters are in the business of getting people to settle their claims. It’s their job. While they may seem like they are advocates for you, their ultimate goal is to get you to settle for a minimal amount. The DUI accident attorneys at Walker Wallace PLC will work to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

Drunk Driving And Reckless Driving Accidents

We often see drunk driving, reckless driving and high-speed accidents that occur on Dixie Highway, Preston Highway, The Greenbelt, and other dangerous roads in the Louisville area. Some motorists are unaware of the major consequences of high-speed collisions (or simply don’t care about the consequences) until they are involved in a crash that leaves them or another driver/passenger with life-altering injuries.

The attorneys at Walker Wallace PLC are here for you and will provide assertive representation. We can work to get punitive damages for your accident claim and help make sure that you get the full amount of benefits and compensation. Our trial lawyers are highly experienced at handling reckless driving and fatality claims.

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