Medication Errors

Patients in nursing homes are typically there because they cannot care for themselves or properly manage their own medications without assistance. When you rely on a paid caregiver to regulate your loved one’s medications, you need that person to be competent and detail-oriented. When caregivers fail to administer medications properly, or they give the wrong medications, the damage can be serious and even fatal to your loved one. At Walker Wallace PLC, we believe all members of a nursing home’s staff have an incredibly serious duty to ensure they are not responsible for causing further damage to patients. When they make careless mistakes, we fight to make them pay.

Identifying common medication errors

When dealing with patients, whether in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility, staff members are supposed to rely on detailed medical charts that identify each patient’s medications. The dosage and frequency information should be clearly described, along with any allergies the patient may have. Not following the directions in the chart leads to potentially fatal nursing home negligence. Some types of negligent medication errors include:

  • Dosage errors
  • Overmedicating
  • Under-medicating
  • Administering the wrong medication
  • Failure to account for adverse drug reactions
  • Failure to account for harmful food interactions
  • Unnecessary treatment

It only takes a few seconds to consult a patient’s charts before administering medications. When staff neglects to take this minor step and causes major problems for you or your loved one, Walker Wallace PLC can help.

Being aware of medication error causes can prevent them

In cases of medication errors, there are always excuses for why the mishap occurred. By knowing ahead of time what the causes of these errors are, you can help your loved one and be on the lookout for signs of danger. Typical causes of medication errors include:

  • Poor communication between healthcare providers
  • Understaffed personnel hurrying from one patient to the next
  • Illegible writing on patients’ charts
  • Failure to check for medicinal allergies

Regardless of the reasons for an error, nursing home patients deserve the same level of care provided in hospitals. When damage is done due to the negligence of the nursing home staff or administration, they must be held accountable. At Walker Wallace PLC, we find those responsible and go after them where it hurts most – in the pocketbook.

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