Product Liability

At Walker Wallace PLC, we use the legal system as an effective tool to pursue compensation for injuries caused by dangerous and defective products. Our attorneys are aggressive in the courtroom and persuasive at the negotiating table. Regardless of whether your injury was caused by a design defect, a manufacturing flaw or a manufacturer’s failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions, our attorneys will stand by your side and level the playing field.

We stand firm against any defendant, even if they are corporate giants with virtually unlimited resources. We are Louisville South End Lawyers and are not intimidated.

What Is A Manufacturing Defect?

A manufacturing defect occurs during the manufacturing process. It is an unintended defect that causes a product to be more dangerous than consumers expect it to be. Manufacturing defects are often hidden and do not come to light until a person is seriously injured or killed.

What Is The Difference Between A Design Defect And A Manufacturing Defect?

Defectively manufactured products differ from products with design flaws because manufacturing defects are unintended, rather than being inherent to the design. For example, a design flaw may cause a bicycle’s brakes to wear out prematurely, causing an increased risk of harm to riders. Even if the components were manufactured and assembled perfectly, the manufacturer may still be liable. Other types of defectively designed products may include:

  • Power tools with inadequate safety features
  • Defective medical devices (implants and joint replacement systems, for example)
  • Drugs
  • Elevators and lifts
  • Commercial equipment

What If A Product Has Insufficient Instructions Or Warning Labels?

If product advertisements or instructions don’t adequately warn of hidden dangers in a product and you are hurt as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. Products with inadequate warnings that pose an unreasonable risk of harm may include:

  • Drugs that are unreasonably dangerous because the label lacks warnings about potentially harmful interactions with other common drugs
  • Mislabeled children’s toys
  • Power tools with incomplete or vague instructions

Call Kentucky Lawyers Who Will Stand Up For You

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